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Pam's Thought's

Hi everyone,

Well, Summer is basically over and Autum is here or close by.
(you can't tell by the heat some days, lol)
All my teas go hot or cold, so sit back and enjoy either a nice cold glass of cold tea or a cup of hot tea thay are both GOOD!

Check out my selection of teas I have over 80 flavors to choose from, get your favorite or try something new.

Try C+Swiss The Origianl Hemp Ice Tea.
  Take care and have a great summer! :)

C+ Swiss is mmmm good, I have plenty on hand so come get yours today either at the farmer's market or order online.

Also, ask me about my customer loyality card and how you can earn FREE tea?

Thank you,
Pam Copp
Pam's Tea Shoppe