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Christmas 7 Piece Stoneware Set
This set is dishwasher and microwave safe. Comes with teapot, 2 cups, 2 saucers, sugar dish and creamer.
Only 1 available
Price  $ 30.00
Candy Cane Cozy
This cozy is green on the in side with candy cane material on the outside. Only one available.
Price  $ 8.00
Christams Cozy
This cozy is so cute, green on the inside with Christmas on the outside.
Price  $ 6.00
Vintage Holly Berry Teacup
This vintage Queen's fine bone china from England.
Price  $ 12.00
Mom's Tea Cup Basket
This snowman basket has a mom cup, and several tea sample packs and instructions.  Just what mom needs. (1 available)
Price  $ 15.00
Round Tea Sampler Basket
This basket has 10 tea sample packs. For the tea lover to try several different types. I only have one of these.
Price  $ 15.00
This Santa Basket
This basket has 2 napkins, 2 teacupsand tea sample packs, I only have one available,
Price  $ 20.00
Vintage Santa Mug
This vintage mug with santa on one side and holly on the other.  I only have one available.
Price  $ 1.00
Christmas Star Basket
This cute star basket has 8 sample packs, only 1 available.
Price  $ 13.00
Square Green Basket
This cute basket has a yellow rose teacup and saucer with 4 tea sample packs. I only have 1 available.
Price  $ 20.00
Large Christmas Basket
This basket has it all: the teapot, teacup, sample packs of tea and instructions, 1 available.
Price  $ 50.00
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