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Honey Dipper

Price  $ 6.00
Honey (local) 3 lbs.
This is pure raw Indiana honey, taste great on alot of different foods and in beverages.
Price  $ 20.00
Honey-Chunky Honey
This is local Indiana honey with chunks of honey comb in it.
Price  $ 12.00
Honey Comb honey
This is local Indiana honey.
Price  $ 12.00
Honey 16 oz (local)
This is an 16 oz. container of honey (local), It is natural, raw and organic and taste great.
Price  $ 8.00
Honey 2 lb (local)
This is local Indiana honey from Noblesville and southern Indiana. This is raw, organic honey.
Price  $ 15.00
Honey (Local) 8 oz.
This is an 8 oz. honey.  This honey is local to Noblesville that's why I chose it.  It is all natural, organic, raw. and taste great,
Price  $ 5.00
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