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French Press-1 Cup-The Dimbula

Price  $ 20.00
French Press-6 Cup Shanghai West Chrome

Price  $ 42.00
Steep & Chill Tea Maker
Gourmet ice tea maker the clear part is borosilicate glass it is BPA free approved, has a secure fitting lid.
Price  $ 33.00
Teapot-Black Dripless
This black dripless teapot is 20oz's, it also comes with its own basket infuser.
Price  $ 22.00
Teapot-Clear Glass -Ruby-OUT
2 cup
Price  $ 23.95
Teapot-Clear glass-Lisa-OUT
2-3 cups
Price  $ 23.95
Teapot-Iron Miyazaki
Iron teapot 20 ounce (Tetsubin) natural in color
Price  $ 42.00
21 ounce iron teapot (Tetsubin) natural in color
Price  $ 42.00
Tear Drop Tea Set
This is a porcelain tea set.
Price  $ 25.00
Vintage Tea Service
This is a silver plated teaset.
Price  $ 50.00
Vintage Wawel Pink Rose Garden Pot
This is a Vintage Wawel Pink Rose Garden Pot made in Poland.
Price  $ 25.00
Altus Individual Tea System

Perfect tea at your fingertips, the infuser is plastic, the bottom is heat resistant glass body with stainless steel fittings makes a 7ounce cup of tea.

Price  $ 23.00
Vintage LeMeilleur Teapot/French Press
This is  32oz. stainless steel, dishwasher safe Teapot/French Press, it comes with extra filters and a manual.
Price  $ 20.00
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